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Bring your next event to life with out Jumbotron Rentals:

Grab the audience’s attention at your next event or advertising campaign with a LED display screen from Jumbotronrentals.com. We are your one stop shop for Jumbotron screen rentals for any type of event or advertising campaign.

With a Jumbotron Rentals your entire audience will be able to enjoy the event experience as if they where in the front row. Our outdoor Jumbotron Rentals LED Video Screens your crowd will finally enjoy the show they came to see.

Let our jumbotron screens rental help boost your event’s publicity, revenue and participation; make your events more enjoyable for you spectators. Making your events more accessible with our jumbotron screens will bring more  success to your event, no matter what type of event you’re holding!  Jumbotrons can also help increase the audience of your pre-recorded events, remote events, and marketing campaigns. During a live event, or these types of campaigns, it is important to get the proper exposure and access. Now you don’t have to limit yourself to permanent display screens—with an LED Jumbotron video screen, you can now display your message or show anywhere at anytime!

Event And Marketing Display Solutions

Jumbotron rentals are the perfect addition for any event; they ensure that you will get your point across among the largest audience possible. It makes no difference what type of event it is: any message can be displayed easily allowing everyone to have a comfortable amount of space at the event.

15 minutes is all we need to get you up and running!

  • Our high resolution jumbotron screens are nine by twelve feet delivering unbelievable quality
  • All screens are equipped with a whisper-quiet generator
  • Rain or shine day or night, makes no difference with our weatherproof screens
  • We provide the equipment needed to make your event a success: AV playback equipment For DVD, Computers, and VHS all Sources and audio.

Our screens are extremly mobile, easy and quick to set up; throughout the event our staff can move the screen for you to different locations throughout the venue—giving you maximum access!

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